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Christianity, Plagiarized Version of Mithraism

By: Bahram Maskanian

Mithra A Persian Savior – True Origins of Christianity

Mithra was a Persian savior. The worship of Mithra became common throughout
the Roman Empire, particularly among the Roman civil service and military.
Mithraism and Christianity were competitors until the 4th century. Mithra
was believed to have been born on December 25. His birth was witnessed
by shepherds and by gift-carrying Magi. This was celebrated as the,
- - Dies Natalis Solic Invite. - - The - - Birthday of the Unconquered
Sun. - - Many followers believed that Mithra was born of a virgin. During
his life, Mithra performed many miracles, cured many illnesses, and
cast out devils. Mithra celebrated a - - Last Supper with his 12 Disciples
- - He ascended to heaven at the time of the spring equinox, about March
21, the first day of spring.

The above story sounds uncannily similar to the Jesus, or ISSAH, which
is his real name. Except Mithra and his religion took place two thousands
(2000) years earlier than ISSAH.

Christianity is just a plagiarized religion, an exact replication of
Mithraism, which was in existence two thousands (2000) years earlier
than Christianity.

* * * * * *

Now let’s look at the much older Persian supernatural being: Mithra.
The earliest known examples of Mithra worship date back four thousands
(4000) years into the Persian Empire. Mithra was the son of Ahura-Mazda,
the divine God of the heavens.

Mithra and Ahura-Mazda were strong influences on early Babylonian beliefs.
Along came the Zoroastrians in the 6th century BC who absorbed Mithra
and Ahura-Mazda into their own culture where Ahura-Mazda became the
supreme holy God of goodness and the God Ahriman became the God of Evil.

Soon after this Zoroastrian / Babylonian takeover around 580-BC, the
Babylonians were holding the Jews in captivity. The Jews were Henotheists
at this time but became heavily influenced by the concept of one god
of goodness and one god of evil.

Mithra was sent by the Father God down to Earth to confirm his contract
with Man.

Mithra was born of a Virgin by Immaculate Conception - He was born
of Anahita, an immaculate virgin mother.

Mithra was born in a stable - We celebrate his birth on Dec 25th.

Mithra was visited by wise men bearing gifts.

Mithra had 12 disciples - He was called the Messiah.

Mithra was also the god of Darius, conqueror of Babylon, He was called
- - Messiah - - or Christos by Jews during their Captivity.

Mithra made a Contract (or Covenant) with Man confirming an older contract
with God - The Persian word Mithra literally means - - Contract. - -

Mithra celebrated a last supper with his disciples before his death.

Mithra died to atone for the sins of man.

Mithra was resurrected on a Sunday.

Mithra ascended into Heaven to rejoin his Father.

Mithra will return to pass judgment on mankind - He was known as the
judger of souls.

On judgment day, the dead will arise and be judged by Mithra.

Mithra will send sinners to Hell.

Mithra will send the faithful to Heaven.

On judgment day there will be a final conflict between evil and good.
- The forces of evil will be destroyed and the saved will live in paradise

Mithra is part of a holy Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
that took human form.

Mithra is depicted as having a halo, (a circular band of light around
his head).

Mithra followers drink wine and eat bread, which represent his blood
and flesh.

Mithra followers are baptized.

That is a whole lot of remarkable coincidences, all from hundreds of
years before ISSAH or Jesus was born.

The Holy book of Zoroastrian was called the Avesta of Zarathustra (Zoroaster
is the Greek word for the Persian - - Zarathustra - -). The Jews were
well aware of this book.

Mithra worship declined with the arrival of the strong Zoroastrian
philosophy of - - One True God - -. in the Roman Empire.

Mithra worship increased again and became very popular during the late
Roman Empire... When did this happen? Yes. The first Century AD, another
remarkable coincidence.

From what race did the mythical Jesus allegedly come from? Jews! Who
had already been influenced by the Mithra cult and adopted many other
Zoroastrian beliefs.

Who convened the Great Christian Council of Nicea in 325-AD? The Roman
Emperor Constantine. Who did he worship before his conversion? Mithra!!!

The large number of similarities between the Persian / Zorastrian God
Mithra and the Judeo/Christian Jesus are just too many to be mere coincidences...
The two stories are just too much alike... even down to the gifts brought
by the wise men to the stable for the infant Mithraism, born of a virgin,
the son of God, savior of mankind who died to save us from evil.

It is blindingly obvious that Christianity is just a plagiarization
of the earlier Persian Cult of Mithraism. There is nothing original
in the Christian belief system. It is all copied.

Christianity has always practiced this art of absorbing other people’s
beliefs and calling them their own.... Easter from the pagan festival
of Eastre... High Mass, Sunday Sabbath, Holly and Ivy, Decorating trees,
Monotheism, The Eucharist... All of it is taken from Mithra.

The bread disks that the Mithra worshipers ate during their Mass to
symbolize the flesh of their God was marked with a cross, - - hundreds
of years before it became a Christian symbol. - -

And finally, during the Roman Revival of the Mithraism Cult, where
do you think the cult centered?

- - - On Vatican Hill in Rome - - - !

Christianity is a false religion with no doctrine of its own. All of
its dogma, its rituals, its key characters, its very foundation is stolen
from Mithraism.

* * * * * *

Well, as usual in good Old Christian fashion, Fanatic Christians fail
to realize that,

1 - Mithraism IS Christianity. The Christian religion is nothing but
a plagiarized version of what EVERYONE claims to be pure mythology,
therefore so is Christianity.

2 - Even the artifacts have been positively dated to WAY earlier than
Christianity, so NO, someone did not just - - Make Them Up. - -

Christianity is what was made up, then spread by a psychotic man called
Paul, who had his - - Vision - - while on the road to Damascus. Paul’s
vision, has since been proven to have been the result of a - - Temporal
Lobe Epileptic Seizure. - - For 20 years this delusional man thought
the end of the world was coming each and every day he woke up.

Everything this irrational man wrote was while he believed that at
any moment the end was coming. This is what Christian Fundamentalist
consider - - Words to LIVE by - - instead quite obviously they were
- - Words to DIE by - - written by a psychologically impaired man.

Paul is the first Christian mullah, a figure largely responsible for
bringing the Christian message to the Roman Empire. Paul was born a
Roman citizen at Tarsus in Cilicia, the son of a Jew belonging to the
tribe of Benjamin. He was known originally as Saul.

Paul was arrested while preaching and taken into custody near Troas.
He was transferred to Rome and was beheaded in the Neronian persecution
when he was 65 or 67 years old. His remains were buried on the road
to Ostia.

Paul was instrumental in organizing the fundamentalist Christian Church.
Through his disturbed psychotic writings he plagiarized and elevated
Mithraism to Christianity.

Paul transformed a minor and obscure sect of Judaism, ISSAH’s
movement, by copying Mithraism, replacing Mithra with ISSAH and then
calling him Jesus.

* * * * * *

A spiritual reinterpretation of Persian Mithraism was suppressed when
Constantine I decided to transform Mithraism from a Persian originated
religion into a Roman version. Pursuant to his command, historians changed
the name from Mithraism to Christianity and ISSAH replaced Mithra and
was named Jesus. Roman historians began plagiarizing a new book of lies.
Soon after, Constantine I converted to Christianity in CE 312.

Constantine I was raised at the Eastern court of Emperor Diocletian.
In 305 Constantius and Galerius succeeded Maximian and Diocletian as
the Western and Eastern emperor, respectively. In 306 Constantius died
at York, north of England. Soon after Constantine was acclaimed as the
Western emperor by the Roman army.

Galerius, however, proclaimed Flavius Valerius Severus as the Western
emperor. Maximian and his son, Maxentius, defeated Severus, who was
replaced by Licinius. Constantine invaded Italy and killed Maxentius
at the Battle of Milvian Bridge (312). Constantine and Licinius were
now confirmed as the Western and Eastern emperors respectively.

In 313 they signed the Edict of Milan that extending tolerance to Christians
throughout the Roman Empire. In 324 Constantine crushed Licinius and
became sole ruler.

Constantine presided over the first ecumenical council of the Christian
church at Nicaea (325), which condemned Arianism. He rebuilt (330) Byzantium
as his capital, renaming it Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Constantine I centralized imperial power and minted a new gold coin,
the solidus, that remained the basic unit of Byzantine currency for
a thousand years. Above all, Constantine was responsible for the Christianization
of the Roman Empire.

His commitment to Christianity was reflected in the building of the
Church of the Holy Wisdom (the original Hagia Sophia), Constantinople,
the first St. Peter's basilica, Rome, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher,

* * * * * *

Religious Mullahs and their Adam & Eve based fabricated belief
system of a nonexistent afterlife are responsible for most of the large
scale wars, today’s suicide bombers and genocides, all driven by
mullahs. Even though many religions claim to be peaceful and against
killing, they promote extermination of those who do not believe in their
myth by promising the stupid killers a special treatment and status
in the afterlife.

Religious competition between various Religious Mullahs have robbed
the human race of an enormous amount of dignity, humanity and knowledge,
by killing those who dared to think differently and burning millions
of books to prevent mankind from finding out the truth. Religious Mullahs
brought us brutal torture, mass murders and religious wars, sadly ever
present in all of the so-called civilizations on Earth, even today and
have been for the most part of human recorded history.

Fundamentalism of any kind and color is a big mistake. No philosophy
or religion ever had the answer and never will. Reality based on hallucination
and assumptions is not reality. It’s a myth. Theocracy pushing
the public to be favorable toward a theoretical idea of one form or
another will only bring us to where we are today and even worse if we
continue on this self-destructive path.

The truth must be told about these barbaric widespread mythological
beliefs. The deeply rooted hatred caused by mullahs for thousands of
years must be healed.

The scope of religious tribal wars is no longer a local concern. It
is a global one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

animal, river and ocean and the Goddess,
who woman represented.

Since this has happened, all famininine
Rites of Passage of Sex, Birth,
Death, Transition and Rebirth have
been in stages of Dis-ease and has
suffered in our collective Consciousness
which the Goddess and Dark Goddess, upheld
by the Spirit of Woman. Woman is now reclaiming
the wholeness back to Polytheism at one
again with her animals and nature in
which she reflects. Now the Earth Mother
will begin to shake and the Patriarch
will be over by 2013.

January 26, 2005 at 4:57 PM  

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